The Fibonacci sequence gives rise to the golden ratio found in many beauties of nature. This file is licensed under the license.

The Fibonacci sequence was one of the first mathematical concepts that I analysed when I started coding. In particular, this sequence was vital in enabling me to grasp recursion.

To construct a positive Fibonacci sequence, we start by initialising the first two terms: 0, 1.

The next term is derived…

At Least One in Many

An OR logic gate. Arturo Urquizo assumed (based on copyright claims). / CC BY-SA (

Python with its highly readable syntax is perfect for solving analytical problems, especially if they are unlikely to become more complicated with scale.

One of the recent problems that I completed recently was a coding challenge that required me to write a short program to evaluate if a mathematical formula…

Basket of Fruits, c. 1830s, National Gallery of Art Collection

As a hobbyist, I have tried to complete at least one coding challenge a day to maintain the positive pace of learning.

Languages have now extended to Python, JavaScript, PHP, C++, C, Java, Swift, Kotlin, in order of comfort. In terms of nimbleness, I tend to think quite exclusively in…

Kelvin Tan

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